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bad good days

Does anybody else find that the 'good' days are almost worse than the days when you're incapacitated with the pain? I just find it so frustrating that I'll be so close to being functional, and yet every "normal" thing I try, I still fail at.



Has anyone used Lyrica to help control pain? My neuro prescribed it to me a couple of weeks ago. So far, so good (as in, no bad side effects). He said it takes a while to start working though. I was wondering if anyone had any experience using it and what it was like.

Also, about a year ago, I started developing anxiety. I'm not really mentally anxious about something (usually), but I feel the physical sensation of being anxious. Does anyone have any advice on medications or (preferably) natural remedies for this? I tried Lexapro which did help, but anti depressants give me too many bad side effects so I cannot take them.
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energy work

I've been through the ringer with medications and such and haven't found relief so I've started looking elsewhere.

Today I met with a woman does yuan/ewan (not sure of the spelling) energy work. Has anyone ever heard of this? It basically takes quantum physics and applies it to your body.

She did a treatment on me today and I did feel things happening, sensations, even though I wasn't thinking, "okay, I'm supposed to be feeling such and such" - I just did. And I felt much lighter afterwards. My pain in my head wasn't too much different and I felt a little drained because I was overwhelmed with information as well, but I could feel a change.

I'm also looking into having Reiki done, in addition to working with a massage therapist who gets migraines herself. However, this energy method is one I hadn't heard of before and was curious if anyone else had or had any experience. I'm going to try it a few more times; I think it's promising.
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just ranting/confused

Today has been an especially bad day in an averagely awful week. This morning my mother had to use bleach for washing a blanket and pinesol then something else that if she'd just poured it out of the bottle, I wouldn't have been bothered by that too, but she insisted on using the sprayer from a bottle of something else (empty) that did bother me.
I'm the person who is so sensitive to both the humidity and the heat that I can't even stick my head out the door to yell for my dog during the day, let alone actually BE outside in any capacity whatsoever.
Once she had to use the bleach and whatever she used at first to clean the floor I was doomed. But she has to be able to clean! There is NOTHING out there she can use that won't irritate my head. I can't even stay in my room because I can smell it, so I might as well me in the rest of the house.

I know, especially when the dogs piss, shit and puke everywhere, that she HAS to be able to clean it up and get rid of the odor, which is difficult right now because of the humidity. I know and understand that.

I just don't know what I'm supposed to do.

I ended up driving in the heart of the storm three times (I ended up going to Walmart and then the piercing shop) on my way home. The panic attack in Walmart didn't trigger anything because it was already there, but my SA definitely plays into my migraines.

I don't know how bad the storms are that we have forecasted for the next seven or eight days, but the last two or three they've been pretty heavily intense. Kitty comes to snuggle/hide intense.

The ER is in the back of my mind, but I'm sick of the patronizing attitude from my parents - like what relief I do get isn't worth it at all, ever, so why bother.

Ok. I'm done ranting. Sorry guys!
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Hello fellow sufferers. I have a favor to ask. As is true with most of you, my chronic illness has greatly altered many plans/dreams I had for my life. One that has remained is my desire to go to Antarctica. It's something I have dreamed about since I was a child. I recently entered an essay contest in hopes to win a trip there. If you have a moment, please read my essay and vote for it. It would mean so much to me. Here is the link http://www.adventurewithjulie.com/blogs/view/235.

(Moderators: Feel free to remove this post if you find it inappropriate. I am trying to get all the help I can from communities I am a part of). Thanks guys!
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(no subject)

The ER is starting to be fussy about having to give me IV meds. I'm going to call the neuro's office again and leave a message but I don't know what good it'll do, unless they can call in meds to get me through the weekend.

Oy. How depressing.
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This just will not break and I'm going on near five days now. I'm going back and starting over with the toradol in the morning and seeing how that works - hopefully can avoid the ER because my parents give me such a damn guilt trip :/

Ugh I hate this.
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Face Yoga

Hey all. Just a random post.

I found out about face yoga the other day while surfing on youtube. I do not know about everyone else, but I get a lot of pain in my eyebrows and left temple, so sometimes working the muscles around there can help distract from the pain. It works better than just rubbing it (or punching it or hitting it on something hard ;)). So check out the vids, even if they don't help you, they are pretty entertaining. Making funny faces makes me laugh as well, which can make me feel a little less sad and a bit more optimistic.

Here's a youtube search for face yoga.

And on a side note, I just started Lyrica. Anyone got any experience with it? My fibro symptoms were acting up so the headache clinic doctor thought it would be a good idea. I actually hadn't had the horrible pain in random places until Cymbalta stopped working for me. Whenever I get up from sitting I have a hard time walking because my heels are really tender so I have to hobble a bit before I can walk normally. I just think I'm even more aware of every little thing that is going on in my body now. I didn't think that was possible. And I got more sensitive to my hormone levels changing because I start coughing now every time there is a fluctuation. >_>