Angel (angelxwitxbyte) wrote in daily_migraine,

OK so here's something interesting that I found out today. Several CVS pharmacies in my area are out of all the different strengths of hydrocodone. They are saying it's back ordered for at least a month, and are recommending that one goes to their competitors, or find a different kind of pain killer... Are you guys having the same problem since it has become a triplicate? Or has any of your doctors taken you off of it since it's become a triplicate? Has anyone's doctor switched them to Tylenol #4, claiming that it is "basically the same thing as hydrocodone"... What's your experience for those of you who have been on both? Have you noticed a difference? Or are they basically the same thing?
Just asking. Because I was switched.... and well. I'm not too entirely pleased. Quite pissed with my doctor when he said it was basically the same thing, and all it felt like was taking two Tylenol #3's. And wanted to know if anyone felt the same way. IMO it feels like the hydrocodone works better... But wanted to know if anyone thought on the same wave length as I do.... As used to take the 2 tylenol #3's every once in a while and they do work. I want something that works in the long run.... and the Tylenol #4 just isn't cutting it for the long run. Now if it were something that I could alternate with the hydrocodone? Sure. But I don't know if my doctor will fly with that idea unless some other people had the same experience as I do... if that makes sense.
So thoughts?
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