Angel (angelxwitxbyte) wrote in daily_migraine,

More questions...

I know I've been asking a lot of questions lately, and I'm sorry about that... I'm just kinda lost. So if you can put up with me again here we go....
Ok so lately my migraines have been a hell of a lot worse, not like the Beatle bit my arm hurts its the I've got second to third degree burns hurts. The searing pain that won't let you focus on anything except that. There are new symptoms that have come up just in the last two weeks that I am scared to seek medical help for just because of how the hospitals are around here. Part of my left arm has gone completely numb, but I still have function. And my face will randomly start twitching, kinda like chipmunk cheaks or something moving super rapidly, my eyes will twitch with this as well. I know that it's going on, I just can't physically call for help when that happens. Then there are the nose bleeds that are now starting to throw (sorry tmi here) clots while bleeding, and that will last for a good solid fifteen minutes. The damn nose bleeds were already lasting a decent amount of time, but nothing like where a light tampon (which I don't even need for my periods because they are so heavy) is a good nose bleed plug. Yes I got that out of a movie, but it works really well.
Anyone here, can ya toss me a bone or something. I don't have decent insurance to get halfway decent help. The ER sucks. I'm basically stuck in this hiatus mode where nothing changes, and I need to get out of this. I don't know what to do with all these symptoms that are now showing themselves up to be a pain in the ass.... Errrr head........ But any thoughts on how to cure them cheaply? Maybe? So yea I still to my first plea, toss me a bone or something?

PS- sorry if you see this more than once

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