Angel (angelxwitxbyte) wrote in daily_migraine,

I come out of hibernation mode for advice...

Hi everyone... I once again am coming out of hibernation mode... Hopefully someone(s) can help me out with this... And yea I'll just let you read. FYI -- This is going to be x-posted to migraines , daily_migraine and I think that's it... Sorry if you see this more than once.

Anyways.... I've got a question for those of you who have taken Inderal either now or in the past. But what was the max dosage did your doctor put you on? My doctor decided to leave my Topamax alone for now, being 100 twice a day (I had been on 600mgs). And then added the inderal and raised the mgs amount to 240. I've been on the Inderal a while (half my lifetime it seems) and was used to the dosage of 160mg. What I don't get is the fact that the Doctor knew that I have really freaking low BP (some days I have it show at 87/54, and that's when the office can get a reading on my arm. Most the time they can't get my BP - and I tell them that 'I guess I'm a zombie again today'. It's kinda funny.. But in the oh shit what's up with this!), and yet she still jacks up the inderal.... Basically I'm wanting to know if this is a typical dosage for migraine preventatives or what you all have gone up to as the max dose.
Thanks a bunch.
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