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To note - latest entry last night in my amazonxxwarrior  journal should just about be enough detail to explain what/how I feel right now. So maybe read that first? Right now I can't re-write the correct wording on what I'm trying to spit out...
Anyways, last night I was already feeling at one of my highest pain spikes in a while. (and at that level for every damn day for around 2 months). My mom had something that could have made the pain better (being pot), my pain is higher since we smoked and my body feels like it's on fire. My head/hands/torso/legs is just tingling bordering on numb. I keep twitching and I don't know how much higher the pain could go before I just end up passing out.
I know that this isn't like my 'normal' migraines.... and I'm not sure on how to approach this with my family and myself not being able to drive. I really don't have anyone to ask that would bring me to the ER now. I would basically have to wait until the morning.
Damn do I not feel good. Got any ideas as to what this type of migraine I'm dealing with, if any of y'all have dealt with these symptoms and how to go about handling this? And does anyone know what conditions the medicare and medicaid to have on trying to get to the hospital, the insurance to deem it necessary to be paid in full? Someone told me that it isn't always covered for some reason...  I don't get why though.
Sorry for all these questions not making sense... But hopefully anyone reading is able to figure out what to say.  

xposted.. sorry if you see this more then once.

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