Random Starbursts (raynbo0701) wrote in daily_migraine,
Random Starbursts

Frequently changing auras

Hi everyone. I know I always come in here with crazy questions.

So first the good news. After nearly two years of only my family thinking I was having seizures, I found a neurologist who is willing to try me on seizure medication without EEG results to back him up. You have no idea how much of a relief it is. They have nearly all gone away now.

Now the quirky question. How many of you have had your auras change over the years, if you have them of course?

My aura is never the same from one migraine to the next, and don't even mention migraine cycles. Granted that my list of potential auras is longer than my list of medications. I don't even know if all of these things are really part of my migraines.

I know that my kind of migraine, (chronic complex with aura) is lacking in research. I know that I'm barely under control. I just don't know what's normal.

Last week I started getting these horrendous dizzy moments. I don't even know how to explain to doctors the difference between this and my usual vertigo. They both unbalance me, they both make me feel like I'm constantly moving. But this new one is so violent and so sudden that I almost fall when it happens, even if I'm sitting down. I'm incapacitated until it goes away. With vertigo I can eventually learn to compensate, even if I have to walk very slowly.

It just bothers me that I never can keep the same symptoms and that new ones keep popping up. I feel so grateful when a doctor doesn't send me home claiming it's all in my head, that I don't want to break it with my crazy fears and questions.

Anyway, if anyone else does this I'd love to hear from you, or even talk.

Thanks, Maria

PS I just realized I might have asked this before so be patient. Memory loss is evil.
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