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OK so here's something interesting that I found out today. Several CVS pharmacies in my area are out of all the different strengths of hydrocodone. They are saying it's back ordered for at least a month, and are recommending that one goes to their competitors, or find a different kind of pain killer... Are you guys having the same problem since it has become a triplicate? Or has any of your doctors taken you off of it since it's become a triplicate? Has anyone's doctor switched them to Tylenol #4, claiming that it is "basically the same thing as hydrocodone"... What's your experience for those of you who have been on both? Have you noticed a difference? Or are they basically the same thing?
Just asking. Because I was switched.... and well. I'm not too entirely pleased. Quite pissed with my doctor when he said it was basically the same thing, and all it felt like was taking two Tylenol #3's. And wanted to know if anyone felt the same way. IMO it feels like the hydrocodone works better... But wanted to know if anyone thought on the same wave length as I do.... As used to take the 2 tylenol #3's every once in a while and they do work. I want something that works in the long run.... and the Tylenol #4 just isn't cutting it for the long run. Now if it were something that I could alternate with the hydrocodone? Sure. But I don't know if my doctor will fly with that idea unless some other people had the same experience as I do... if that makes sense.
So thoughts?

More questions...

I know I've been asking a lot of questions lately, and I'm sorry about that... I'm just kinda lost. So if you can put up with me again here we go....
Ok so lately my migraines have been a hell of a lot worse, not like the Beatle bit my arm hurts its the I've got second to third degree burns hurts. The searing pain that won't let you focus on anything except that. There are new symptoms that have come up just in the last two weeks that I am scared to seek medical help for just because of how the hospitals are around here. Part of my left arm has gone completely numb, but I still have function. And my face will randomly start twitching, kinda like chipmunk cheaks or something moving super rapidly, my eyes will twitch with this as well. I know that it's going on, I just can't physically call for help when that happens. Then there are the nose bleeds that are now starting to throw (sorry tmi here) clots while bleeding, and that will last for a good solid fifteen minutes. The damn nose bleeds were already lasting a decent amount of time, but nothing like where a light tampon (which I don't even need for my periods because they are so heavy) is a good nose bleed plug. Yes I got that out of a movie, but it works really well.
Anyone here, can ya toss me a bone or something. I don't have decent insurance to get halfway decent help. The ER sucks. I'm basically stuck in this hiatus mode where nothing changes, and I need to get out of this. I don't know what to do with all these symptoms that are now showing themselves up to be a pain in the ass.... Errrr head........ But any thoughts on how to cure them cheaply? Maybe? So yea I still to my first plea, toss me a bone or something?

PS- sorry if you see this more than once

Pain Chronicles

Has anyone read Pain Chronicles? I don't know if the link will work how I'd like, so I apologize if you have to search for it. I'm interested -slightly- in reading this but after trying to read the Healing Codes and having of quote the Bible saying pain was necessary I threw it across the room. Just don't want a repeat experience of that

Depakote & skin

Okay, I'm not getting into my history because it's a long clusterfuck and things have been bad, I'm not in the mood, and chances are any replies are going to be from someone/people who remember me enough to know the general gist.


So on advice of my psychiatrist, I started the extended release Depakote (generic, technically, but con) in October. I was on the starting dose of 250mg for almost eight weeks, instead of two, because I have crazy reactions to medications (I was sleeping at least 16hrs a day). I finally got up to 500mg at some point in December and that's where I'm still at (occasionally still have times, usually once a week, where I'm only awake maybe three hours the whole day).


I have noticed that I've been having issues with my skin. My skin is finicky anyway, but as soon as I started the Depakote, my skin broke out like mad - my chest, boobs, my whole back, shoulders, neck, throat and face. I'm still having issues with it being broken out and even if the spot where there was a pimple or sore (I'm a terrible picker; some screwy mentality that if I cause pain elsewhere I won't feel as much how badly my head hurts), that area is still, for lack of a better word, inflammed. Red, showing irritation.


I got a showerhead for the shower in my bathroom so now I can not use my parents' shower, and the soap I had been using previously with no problem before, caused a rash and some small pimples on my chest and breasts. I recently bought three bottles of lotion; two are the same brand, one is different. The one of a different brand caused me to not sleep well at all that night as I was constantly waking in order to scratch. The new body wash I bought seems to be being tolerated alright so far, but it can be hard to tell.


I've been kept on the Depakote as it has offered me slight improvement and I've actually gone off/out just because or had plans, not just because I had to get to a doctor's appt of some kind.


Has anyone had this sort of reaction with Depakote or skin sensitivity/itchiness/feels-like-allergies-ness with any other medication?


I can leave a message for the psychiatrist if I need to, but can't get in to see him until April - and that appt I made the beginning of December also regarding the Depakote in some way (I forget now of course).



Hi everyone... I once again am coming out of hibernation mode... Hopefully someone(s) can help me out with this... And yea I'll just let you read. FYI -- This is going to be x-posted to migraines , daily_migraine and I think that's it... Sorry if you see this more than once.

Anyways.... I've got a question for those of you who have taken Inderal either now or in the past. But what was the max dosage did your doctor put you on? My doctor decided to leave my Topamax alone for now, being 100 twice a day (I had been on 600mgs). And then added the inderal and raised the mgs amount to 240. I've been on the Inderal a while (half my lifetime it seems) and was used to the dosage of 160mg. What I don't get is the fact that the Doctor knew that I have really freaking low BP (some days I have it show at 87/54, and that's when the office can get a reading on my arm. Most the time they can't get my BP - and I tell them that 'I guess I'm a zombie again today'. It's kinda funny.. But in the oh shit what's up with this!), and yet she still jacks up the inderal.... Basically I'm wanting to know if this is a typical dosage for migraine preventatives or what you all have gone up to as the max dose.
Thanks a bunch.

tinted lenses

Interesting article about precision-tinted lenses to reduce hyperactivity in the visual cortex of migraine sufferers:

And the link to the full scientific article:
(free for a limited time)

Certain stripes and zigzag patterns, as reported here, are certainly a trigger for me, so it's nice to see some progress in understanding this.

Apr. 16th, 2011

To note - latest entry last night in my amazonxxwarrior  journal should just about be enough detail to explain what/how I feel right now. So maybe read that first? Right now I can't re-write the correct wording on what I'm trying to spit out...
Anyways, last night I was already feeling at one of my highest pain spikes in a while. (and at that level for every damn day for around 2 months). My mom had something that could have made the pain better (being pot), my pain is higher since we smoked and my body feels like it's on fire. My head/hands/torso/legs is just tingling bordering on numb. I keep twitching and I don't know how much higher the pain could go before I just end up passing out.
I know that this isn't like my 'normal' migraines.... and I'm not sure on how to approach this with my family and myself not being able to drive. I really don't have anyone to ask that would bring me to the ER now. I would basically have to wait until the morning.
Damn do I not feel good. Got any ideas as to what this type of migraine I'm dealing with, if any of y'all have dealt with these symptoms and how to go about handling this? And does anyone know what conditions the medicare and medicaid to have on trying to get to the hospital, the insurance to deem it necessary to be paid in full? Someone told me that it isn't always covered for some reason...  I don't get why though.
Sorry for all these questions not making sense... But hopefully anyone reading is able to figure out what to say.  

xposted.. sorry if you see this more then once.

Frequently changing auras

Hi everyone. I know I always come in here with crazy questions.

So first the good news. After nearly two years of only my family thinking I was having seizures, I found a neurologist who is willing to try me on seizure medication without EEG results to back him up. You have no idea how much of a relief it is. They have nearly all gone away now.

Now the quirky question. How many of you have had your auras change over the years, if you have them of course?

My aura is never the same from one migraine to the next, and don't even mention migraine cycles. Granted that my list of potential auras is longer than my list of medications. I don't even know if all of these things are really part of my migraines.

I know that my kind of migraine, (chronic complex with aura) is lacking in research. I know that I'm barely under control. I just don't know what's normal.

Last week I started getting these horrendous dizzy moments. I don't even know how to explain to doctors the difference between this and my usual vertigo. They both unbalance me, they both make me feel like I'm constantly moving. But this new one is so violent and so sudden that I almost fall when it happens, even if I'm sitting down. I'm incapacitated until it goes away. With vertigo I can eventually learn to compensate, even if I have to walk very slowly.

It just bothers me that I never can keep the same symptoms and that new ones keep popping up. I feel so grateful when a doctor doesn't send me home claiming it's all in my head, that I don't want to break it with my crazy fears and questions.

Anyway, if anyone else does this I'd love to hear from you, or even talk.

Thanks, Maria

PS I just realized I might have asked this before so be patient. Memory loss is evil.
For once I can tell where my head hurts. Nearly everywhere, but not quite. Getting such a guilt trip about wanting to go to the ER.

nerve blocks/TPI/steroid injections

I guess it can be called either of those three things: nerve block, trigger point injection or a steroid injection. For the sake of this post, I'm just going to refer to them as TPIs as that's really what they fit the best description of.

My neuro told me that generally, almost 100% of the time, they use steroids that are in more of a liquid-type form so that the desired effect is achieved more quickly.

Part of my chronic pain is pain that originates in my neck. He had just come back from Spain when I saw him last (1 Sept), before my trip to the UK. He also gets neck pain and I asked what he did for it and he told me he used this other kind of steroid, it's in the same class, only it's crystallized. It works for up to six weeks.

I was skeptical about how long it would work for, but it only just started wearing off last week.

Has anyone else had their doctor use crystallized steroids instead of the liquid version?



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